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No-Time Dutch Audio CDs
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This unusual method uses no text or printed materials. You learn by listening to audio CDs while driving, cooking, gardening, walking, or doing some other monotonous task. You give only time that you are already devoting to something else you are doing. That's why it requires No-Time! These courses have been developed by A.E. Van Vogt, a well-known writer, language expert, and author of 46 books. The courses are introductory-level and help you master the basics of the language for business or travel; yet the grammar and sentences are contemporary and not simplistic. There is extensive vocabulary and conversation practice, plus an explanation of the language's structure and grammar. Courses consist of two hours each of conversation, speaking, and vocabulary, with the eight-hour programs containing additional vocabulary. In just 40 minutes a day for one month, you can learn a two-hour segment. Before you know it, you will begin acquiring vocabulary and comprehend sentence structure by hearing it only-and it does work!

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Supporting language: Dutch
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