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New Historical Atlas of Religion in America

New Historical Atlas of Religion in America
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By EDWIN SCOTT GAUSTAD, University of California, Riverside, and PHILIP L. BARLOW, Hanover College, Indiana, RICHARD W. DISHNO

The all-new edition of a classic history of the American religious experience!

In two editions over 40 years, Edwin Gaustad's Atlas of American Religion has been an essential guide to the American religious experience. Now the New Historical Atlas of Religion in America takes the story into the new millennium. Expanded, reorganized, and now in full color, the new edition of this classic reference work is an arresting visual and narrative portrait of the growth, development, and diversity of America's communities of faith across nearly 400 years.

Here is a vastly more complex American religious life--from the decline of mainstream Protestantism to the emergence of evangelical churches and the growing influence of Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and other faiths. Parts One and Two are a history--in maps and text--of American religions. Part Three focuses in-depth on Lutherans, Mormons, and Roman Catholics. Part Four examines the political, cultural, and social aspects of religion in American public life.

Lavishly illustrated with full-color maps, charts, and diagrams, the new Atlas is an essential resource for all readers--students, teachers, scholars, and everyone seeking to understand the remarkable religious history of the United States.

"Gorgeous....This significantly revised version...delights not only in its 260 full-color maps and 200 graphs, tables and charts, but also in the mellifluous text co-written by Gaustad and Barlow....Each religious group receives extensive treatment, with heightened emphasis on religious newcomers such as Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists and Muslims; the sections on Native American and African-American religious traditions have also been significantly expanded....This eminently useful, visually stunning atlas speaks eloquently of America's history of religous faith."--Publishers Weekly

Hundreds of full-color maps, charts, and diagrams chart the growth of each religion--from the 17th to the 20th century, region by region.

  • Rich narrative sets the maps into context
  • All new coverage of Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, and other faiths
  • Expanded coverage of Native American and African American traditions
  • Bibliographies, appendixes, detailed index

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