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Languages > English > Culture & Tradition > Negotiating Your Way Through Korea
Negotiating Your Way Through Korea

Negotiating Your Way Through Korea
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When business persons and government officials deal with Koreans, most are frustrated operating in an environment so different from their own. Others have little negotiating experience even in their native culture and are further frustrated when faced with negotiating in a culture in many ways quite opposite from the world "back home." In Negotiating Your Way through Korea, a comprehensive guide book for foreigners who want to negotiate with Koreans, the author has tried to simplify the process by describing it both as it may take place in America and how it may work in Korea. This book also includes many cultural aspects of Korea and her people like the general notion of gibun, personal space, names, face (chemyeon), vertical relationships and so on. Richard Saccone has lived and worked in several different business positions in both North and South Korea over 13 years since his first arriving in 1978. Over the years he appeared regularly on television, radio and for awhile, wrote a weekly travel column. He is also the author of Travel Korea Your Way (Hollym), The Business of Korean Culture (Hollym), The G.I. Guide to Seoul, Korea (Hollym), and Koreans to Remember (Hollym). Written by Richard Saccone.

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