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Languages > English > Movies/Videos > National Geographic Video - King Cobra
National Geographic Video - King Cobra

National Geographic Video - King Cobra
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THIS SERPENT WILL HOLD YOU SPELLBOUND! Tread softly into the jungle realm of a legendary monarch—the King Cobra. Swift, strong, and surprisingly deadly, it delivers enough venom in one bite to kill a hundred people yet it solely preys on other snakes. Its intriguing life has been a mystery...until now. Through rare and extraordinary footage, National Geographic filmmakers let you follow the King Cobra on its journey through the Indian rain forest seeking food and a mate. You'll watch transfixed as rival males perform a ritualized dance for domain...and a mother shields her nest from predators and a raging monsoon. Come discover one of nature's most facinating creatures as you enter the world of KING COBRA!

Product ID: 30610     ISBN-10: 0792252020
Category: Movies/Videos
Supporting language: English
Platforms/media types: VHS Video Tape