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Mystery Train
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"Jim Jarmusch makes bizarre, minimalist and simpatico road movies, with characters on the edge of pop culture discovering a poetically shabby America. We see the land through the eyes of foreigners, unspoiled but prejudiced by American myths." Three separate but interwoven episodes centered in a rundown Memphis hotel reveal the experiences of non-Americans in America. Two young Japanese lovers travel through town on a rock 'n roll pilgrimage, a newly widowed Italian woman waits for a flight back to Rome while she is visited by the ghost of Elvis, a British man makes some friends, gets drunk and commits murder. "There is no real mystery in Mystery Train. It makes it points on Elvis-worship, restlessness and race relations out front. But there is a mystery about its construction. The leisurely, distancing pace works beautifully" (Edwin Jahiel). 1990, 110 mins.

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