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Languages > Spanish > Dictionary > Childrens > My First Spanish Picture Dictionary (Hardcover)
My First Spanish Picture Dictionary (Hardcover)

My First Spanish Picture Dictionary (Hardcover)
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Vividly illustrated with bright, full-color illustrations by award-winning children's artists, books in the First Picture Dictionaries series speak to kids at progressive age levels. Books combine artwork and/or photo illustrations with bold and easy-to-read word labels and definitions. Parents are encouraged to use these books as aids in teaching children the preliminaries of reading and writing at home. The books also make great teacher’s helpers in classrooms, from Pre-K through early grades. With the cheerfully illustrated My First Spanish Dictionary and a little help from parents or teacher, toddlers learn to recognize words in two languages—English and Spanish. They start with word and picture association, each word serving as a picture label and presented in both languages. Words are grouped by themes, such as clothes kids wear, toys they play with, animals, foods, and many others. Questions throughout the book encourage kids to look closely and talk about what they see—in two languages! This book is useful in homes where either English or Spanish is spoken as the family's first language.

Table of Contents: How to Use This Book Fun and Games at Home Look at me! Come to My Birthday Party Having Fun at Preschool What Do We Like to Wear? Let’s Play in the Yard Take a Walk Down Our Street Things That Go Let’s Go to the Toy Store At the Supermarket Food to Help Me Grow Take Me to the Pet Store What’s in the Park? Big Beasts and Minibeast1s Down on the Farm A Sunny Day at the Seashore See What We Can Do! Colors Are Everywhere Come and Count with Me All Year Round How the Words Sound

Product ID: 45673     ISBN-13: 9780764154379     ISBN-10: 0764154370
Categories: Children's Books, Dictionary, Dictionary > Childrens, Kids
Supporting language: Spanish
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
Hardcover / 48 Pages / 9 1/8 x 12 5/8 / 2001
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