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Languages > Spanish > Sexuality > Mujeres - las sexualidad secreta

Mujeres - las sexualidad secreta
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By Patricia Politzer and Eugenia Weinstein With the suggestive title of Women: Secret Sexuality, the authors enter upon a taboo theme, sometimes contraoversial, treated with frivolity or most of the time, silenced. It is not a book for only women. Maybe it is even more significant for men. Concepts like frigidity, multi-orgasms, masturbation or the lack of desire are treated in a real and natural demension. It will surely be new and even frightful for a woman finding out that other women have never looked at their genitals or for a man, getting to know that nearly all of his sexual partners have at sometime faked pleasure.

Product ID: 107342
Category: Sexuality
Supporting language: Spanish
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
paperback, 312 pages