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Languages > Hebrew > Mr. Iceberg Teaches Hebrew (CD-ROM)
Mr. Iceberg Teaches Hebrew (CD-ROM)

Mr. Iceberg Teaches Hebrew (CD-ROM)
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A language course designed for children, ages 6 and up. Fun and Easy to use, it consists of software and a workbook. At the end of this course, the young user will know how to read and write Hebrew, and will have learned about 100 Hebrew words, as well as the history of the language. This process requires 20 to 30 hours and is accomplished using cartoons, exercises and interactive computer games.

Features - Mr. Iceberg Teaches Hebrew

Reading and writing : Mr. Iceberg teaches how to recognize and pronounce the Hebrew letters, both printed and cursive. After a general introduction, the course begins with a study of the vowels, followed by the letters in alphabetic order. This is achieved by means of animated lessons, numerous examples of syllables and words, and exercices.

Games : The student, who has just learned to recognize a Hebrew letter, may perfect his skills by playing three computer games and singing in a karaoke studio. While enjoying himself, the child will improve his reading facility, because the games involve progressively increasing speed and mix letters of different font types.

The History of Hebrew : Here, the student will learn the fascinating and unique history of the Hebrew language, from ancient times until the present day. The teaching of this history lesson is accomplished by means of animated drawings, cultural stories and an amusing quiz.

Vocabulary : Mr. Iceberg teaches the student his first 100 words of Hebrew vocabulary, selected from the following categories : members of the family, parts of the body, fruits and vegetables, household objects, items of clothing, farm animals, wild animals, food, colors, and table ware. Once the student has mastered the vocabulary, he shows off his new knowledge by playing several games.

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Supporting language: Hebrew
Platforms/media types: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista
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