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Menace II Society
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This stylized inner-city gangster drama is the debut film of Allan and Albert Hughes, 21-year-old fraternal twins. Set in a claustrophobic Watts, the film is constructed as a harrowing collection of brutal vignettes of car hijackings, street assassinations and random violence. The film plays like a black Mean Streets. Its theme is the cruel fate of its two lead characters, a relatively good though unfocused kid (Tyrin Turner) who is undone by his allegiance to his pathologically unbalanced best friend O-Dog (Larenz Tate). From the opening scene, a brutal Korean grocery store murder, Menace II Society is a pessimistic and wholly unsentimental portrait of late 20th-century American life. With Jada Pinkett, Vonte Sweet, MC Eiht, Ryan Willianms, Too $hort, Samuel L. Jackson, Charles Dutton and Bill

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