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Languages > Sign Language > Memory Match Games for learners of American Sign Language
Memory Match Games for learners of American Sign Language

Memory Match Games for learners of American Sign Language
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Help kids retain what they learn. Using observation and recall is a proven technique to help children study. Make the experience fun and they’ll really enjoy practicing and using ASL. Kids use these match games to find matching pairs, but be warned, it gets complicated! They first get to choose a theme: animals, things, or food. Then they select the game type: match the sign to the sign, match the sign to the graphic, or match the graphic to the text. Once they choose the level of difficulty – easy (match 6 pairs), medium (match 10 pairs) or difficult (match 15 pairs) – they can play alone or challenge a friend in 2-player mode. Game on! The cards are set out randomly each time, resulting in LITERALLY trillions and trillions of possible game configurations. Entertaining? Yes. Boring? Never. *Learning to rely on your eyes and not your ears is challenging for new signers. Visualize ASL materials reinforce visual learning by having educational software that is purely visual; there is no audio on this CD.

Product ID: 502911     ISBN-13: 9780980074413
Categories: Classroom/Schools, Classroom/Teaching Materials, Learn
Supporting language: Sign Language
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