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Medical Spanish (Paperback)
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Table of contents

Medical Spanish, 4/e

  • Chapter 1 How to Use This Book
  • Chapter 2 Grammar and Pronunciation
  • Chapter 3 Social, Economic, and Patient Privacy Information
  • Chapter 4 Past Medical History
  • Chapter 5 Chief Complaint or Review of Systems
  • Chapter 6 Instructions for the Physical Examination
  • Chapter 7 General Treatment, Testing, and Follow-Up
  • Chapter 8 Medical Therapy and Patient Instructions
  • Chapter 9 Contraception and Patient Instruction
  • Chapter 10 Pregnancy and Delivery
  • Chapter 11 Physical and Sexual Abuse
  • Chapter 12 Poisoning and Patient Instructions
  • Chapter 13 AIDS and Patient Instruction
  • Chapter 14 Geriatric Evaluation
  • Chapter 15 The Psychiatric Interview

    Product ID: 502972     ISBN-13: 9780071442008
    Categories: Classroom/Schools, Classroom/Teaching Materials, Learn, Medical, Reference
    Supporting language: Spanish
    Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
    With no prior knowledge of Spanish, and this book at your fingertips, you can confidently conduct patient medical history interviews, perform physical examinations, and give medical instructions to Spanish-speaking patients.

    Carefully constructed to elicit one-word, "yes or no" answers, Medical Spanish empowers you to obtain, and give, the information you need, without struggling to understand an unfamiliar language or risking errors due to miscommunication.

    Now in its fourth edition, this valuable resource helps you simplify the process of communication with the following features:

  • Easy-to-use "Yes" or "No" question and answer format
  • Clear pronunciation, grammar, and spelling guidance
  • NEW chapter on physical and sexual abuse and rape
  • Expanded coverage of patient privacy, informed consent, and HIPPA confidentiality
  • Expanded and updated coverage of breast feeding, birth control, and HIV
  • Common terms and verbs


    Complete Medical History Full Physical Examination Social and Occupational Information Insurance and Economic Information Urinary Tract Endocrine System Hematologic System Musculoskeletal System Nervous System Gastrointestinal System Convulsions and Headaches Laboratory Examination AIDS and HIV Prescription Instructions Past Use of Medicines Common Side Effects Storage of Medicine Instructions for the Diabetic Pregnancy and Delivery History Birth Contraception of All Types Physical and Sexual Abuse and Rape Poisoning and Intoxicants Geriatric Evaluation Psychiatric Evaluation High-Tech Tests And Much More

  • Date May 6, 2005
  • Format Paperback, 192 pages