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Languages > Spanish > Learn > McGrawHill Spanish - The Big Red Book of Spanish Idioms

McGrawHill Spanish - The Big Red Book of Spanish Idioms
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For every learner who has wasted dictionary time looking up the individual parts of a Spanish saying only to have the whole add up to nonsense, The Big Red Book of Spanish Idioms provides innovative and easy access to scores of turns-of-phrase and their idiomatic English equivalents.

With more than 4,000 Spanish expressions arranged by keyword, numerous example sentences, and an extensive index for cross-referencing, you can quickly find phrase-based translations by way of either English or Spanish. Compact and comprehensive, this tool is perfect for a student's backpack or a translator's briefcase.

Product ID: 106578     ISBN-13: 9780071433020
Category: Learn
Supporting language: Spanish
Platforms/media types: eBook
The most comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to idioms used in Spanish and English

Idioms are the heart and soul of a language as it's actually used, and Spanish has thousands of these mystifying expressions--most of which you won't find in any bilingual dictionary. With The Big Red Book of Spanish Idioms you'll never be in the dark about the meanings of idioms and colloquialisms used across the Spanish-speaking world. And you'll never be at a loss for the right turn of phrase when speaking or writing Spanish.

The Big Red Book of Spanish Idioms is filled with:

  • 4,000 idioms arranged according to Spanish keywords
  • 1,800 Spanish keywords and their English equivalents
  • 1,800 example sentences for guidance in usage
  • 8,000 matching English expressions
  • An English-Spanish Index--to steer you to the right idioms, instantly
  • Extensive cross-referencing that lets you access material in either language

    By matching Spanish idioms with English expressions of a similar tone or register, this dictionary makes an ideal reference not only for students of Spanish but also for Spanish-speaking learners of English.