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Languages > Arabic > Learn > McGrawHill Arabic - Your First 100 Words in Arabic (Book Only)
McGrawHill Arabic - Your First 100 Words in Arabic (Book Only)

McGrawHill Arabic - Your First 100 Words in Arabic (Book Only)
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This book is designed to teach the beginner a basic vocabulary of 100 Arabic wordsócovering 8 everyday topics: around the home/ clothes/ around town (including transportation)/ countryside/ essentials/ opposities/ animals/ parts of the body.

  • The Introduction provides a helpful insight into the Arabic alphabet and shows you how Arabic letters are joined to form words.

  • Scriptbreaker Tips help you focus on how to read Arabic.

  • A Pronunciation Guide describes the sounds of Arabic.

  • Eight Topic Chapters group the words by theme: Around the home -- Clothes -- Around town -- Countryside -- Opposites -- Animals -- Parts of the body -- Useful expressions.

  • Each of the 100 Words is clearly presented in Arabic script, with its English meaning, pronunciation, and an illustration to aid memorization.

  • Tear-out Flash Cards help you recognize the Arabic words and learn their meaning and pronunciation. Instructions explain how to use the flash cards as an effective learning tool.

  • Extensive Games and Puzzles-matching exercises, word searches, and memory tests-provide a fun way to test your ability to read, pronounce, and understand the words in each chapter.

  • Finally, a Round-Up chapter enables you to review all 100 words presented in the book. Answers to all exercises are included.

    This practical activity book not only gives you a great start to learning Arabic with 100 key words but also provides helpful ways to expand your reading vocabulary.

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