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Languages > Hungarian > Movies/Videos > Maidsplay and Dreiske Discipline Lecture Demonstration (VHS)

Maidsplay and Dreiske Discipline Lecture Demonstration (VHS)
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One of the best realizations of theatre on film, this 1983 Hungarian production documents Nicole Dreiske's production of Maidsplay, an original theatre piece inspired by Jean Genet's The Maids in Budapest. The production utilizes actual information about the two sisters whose extraordinary crime inspired Genet to write The Maids and highlights the themes of violence, sex, drugs, jealousy and incest in the story of the two sisters who, employed as maids in the same house, take turns playing the role of their mistress in a secret and bizarre ritual. The second part of the tape illustrates the basic techniques of The Dreiske Discipline as led by Nicole Dreiske in actor workshops in Budapest. Produced by Judit Koszanyi, directed by Ildiko Szabo. A BBS/Mafilm production. In English. Color, 80 mins.

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Category: Movies/Videos
Supporting language: Hungarian
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