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Mafia - The History of the Mob in America
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This documentary series is a cold-blooded examination of organized crime in the 20th century. Beginning with the imposition of Prohibition, the origins of these gangs are traced up through the Second World War. By this time, they had emerged as permanent features on the American scene in the shape of enduring family enterprises. In the first volume, The Prohibition Years, Birth of the American Mafia, Congress' move to outlaw alcohol in 1919 spawned an unforseen side effect--the growth of an underground market that could never be wiped out. Jewish and Irish gangs were among the first to emerge. Then the Mafia is seen coming from Sicily to take over this business, with murderous methods (100 mins.) The second volume is The Kennedys and the Mob. Between the imposition of prohibition and the emergence of Camelot, Joe Kennedy, the father of a powerful clan, kept up his dealings with underworld figures. But his sons had a different opinion of these men and persecuted them from Washington (50 mins.) In Unions and the Mob, the third volume, we see how traditional union strength was muscled over into a new and potent force, mob-controlled trade unions. They fought ruthlessly with the communists for sympathy and won. Even the Ford Company was not safe from the influence of these teamsters (50 mins.) And in the fourth volume, Empire of Crime, World War II and the Allied invasion offer great growth opportunities to the mob. From Sicily they expanded throughout Italy to cover the country with their influence in the blackmarket, while they also used the years of occupation to expand their legitimate business interests in the U.S. (50 mins.) Narrated and hosted by Bill Kurtis.

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