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Lullabies from Around the World (AudioCD & Book)

Lullabies from Around the World (AudioCD & Book)
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Award winner of both a Parents' choice Silver Award and Director's Choice Award. Eleven lullabies sung by singers, each in his/her native tongue and then sung in English. Includes Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Manadarin and Yiddish lullabies. Multicultural activities are also included in the accompanying lyrics book.

Product ID: 104036     ISBN-13: 9781895523805
Category: Children's Books
Supporting languages: English, French, Italian, Mandarin - See Chinese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Yiddish
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter, Audio CD
  • Bai, bai, bai, bai (Russian)
  • Duérmete Mi Niño (Mexican)
  • Rozinkes mit Mandlen (Yiddish)
  • Fi La Nana, E Mi Bel Fiol (Italian)
  • Yao Yah Yao (Mandarin)
  • Oj, Lu Lu (Polish)
  • Schlaf, Kindlein, Schlaf (German)
  • Bébé kolela te (from Zaire, Lingala language)
  • Edo Komoriuta (Japanese)
  • C'est la poulette grise (French Canadian)
  • Mocking Bird (American)
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