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Living Language - Say it by Signing Video Program
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If anyone wants to learn how to converse with a deaf friend, relative, or colleague, then this unique Say It by Signing program is for him or her. This course covers the basics of American Sign Language (ASL) with an emphasis on conversation. Right away, the student will learn how to sign in any practical situation, whether at home with one's family, meeting friends at a restaurant, or going shopping. The student will also learn the manual alphabet, so he or she can finger spell names and unfamiliar words.

This complete Say It by Signing package features a 60-minute videocassette along with a 208-page learner's dictionary and guidebook with over 500 illustrations. This course is simple to use, and best of all, even new learners can begin signing right from the start.

Product ID: 100020     ISBN-10: 0609607510
Category: Learn
Supporting language: Sign Language (US)
Platforms/media types: VHS Video Tape