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Little Red Hood and the Kesh Kayl -

Little Red Hood and the Kesh Kayl -
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Little Red Hood and the Kesh Kayl The Armenian Version of Little Red Riding Hood by Talene Dadian White
The classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood retold with an Armenian twist! In this Armenian-ized version of the classic, Little Red Hood (Garmir Klghanotz) has set out to Medz Mayreeg's (Grandma's) house to bring her sick grandmother some freshly baked lamajun (Armenian pizza). Little does she know, the kesh kayl (bad wolf) is hot on her trail, as lamajun is his favorite food to eat! The kesh kayl tricks Little Red Hood and arrives at Medz Mayreeg's house before her, hungrily waiting for the lamajun to arrive. The kayl's plot to steal the lamajun is ultimately foiled when Medz Mayreeg and some lumberjacks arrive on the scene to rescue Little Red Hood and the lamajun. Exciting full color illustrations bring the story to life, depicting beautiful Armenian landscapes and characters that look stereotypically Armenian. Little Red Hood and the Kesh Kayl is written in "Arm-English" (English with some Armenian words) and includes a glossary and pronunciation guide to help readers learn the meanings of the Armenian words and to pronounce them correctly. Full Armenian version coming Fall 2011. A delight for Armenian children!

Product ID: 503513
Category: Children's Books
Supporting languages: Armenian, English
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
Specifications: Publication Date: Jun 06 2011 ISBN/EAN13: 1456518321 / 9781456518325 LCCN: 2011900100 Page Count: 26 Trim Size: 8" x 10" Color: Full Color with Bleed
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