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Languages > Spanish > Learn > Listen and Learn Spanish (CD Edition)
Listen and Learn Spanish (CD Edition)

Listen and Learn Spanish (CD Edition)
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  • One CD with 90 minutes of recorded speech in both English and Spanish
  • A fully indexed manual with every word spoken
  • Perfect for people with limited study time

    Utilizing the phrase method advocated by most language authorities as the fastest and most efficient approach, this system for learning Spanish will bring remarkable results, even if the student has never studied a foreign language. Teacher-tested and approved special features include two dual-language CDs featuring native speakers and a convenient manual that includes phonetic pronunciation and an index for rapid phrase or word location. Ideal for home study, these materials can also be used in a car or on a plane. "Excellent ... impresses me as being among the very best on the market."--Mario Pei, former Professor of Romance Languages, Columbia University

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    Category: Learn
    Supporting language: Spanish
    Platforms/media types: Audio CD