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Languages > Ukrainian > Lingvistica - PARS/U English<=>Ukrainian Translation - Deluxe Basic
Lingvistica - PARS/U English<=>Ukrainian Translation - Deluxe Basic

Lingvistica - PARS/U English<=>Ukrainian Translation - Deluxe Basic
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The PARS/Ukrainian translation software comes in 2 editions: PARS Basic and PARS Deluxe. PARS ships as a physical package, or can be delivered electronically, over the Internet--downloadable versions of this software are available for your convenience.

PARS/Ukrainian Basic:

  • Based on a General Dictionary containing about 50,000 words and phrases in each direction--the total number of word forms recognized is much greater.
  • 100% integrated with MS Word.
  • Lets you also translate file-to-file, and allows you to create, edit and update your own dictionaries.

Besides these components and characteristics, the Deluxe edition of the PARS/Ukrainian translation software, in all its 2 versions--Standard and Professional, features:

On-the-fly translation of Web pages (Internet Explorer 5.5 or above is required), and a Drag 'n' Drop translation mode. (The latter allows you to capture a portion of text in any Windows application, such as your E-mail program, and have it translated by simply dragging and dropping it on the PARS icon.)

On top of this, PARS Deluxe Professional adds 5 specialized dictionaries listed below:

  • Business and Law - 20,000 Entries
  • Computers & Telecommunications - 35,000 Entries
  • Ecology - 20,000 Entries
  • Technology, Basic - 3,000 Entries
  • Military/Aviation - 45,000 Entries

    Product ID: 43176     ISBN-10: 1894690036
    Categories: Software - Windows, Translation
    Supporting language: Ukrainian
    Platforms/media types: Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows XP, CD-Rom, Windows 2000, Windows ME
  • A PC running MS Windows 95/98/Me or NT/2000/XP.
    Word for Windows, version 6, 7, '97, 2000 is recommended (though not required).