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Languages > Yoruba > Children's Books > Grades K~2 > Lima's Red Hot Chili in Yoruba & English
Lima's Red Hot Chili in Yoruba & English

Lima's Red Hot Chili in Yoruba & English
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Lima's Red Hot Chili in English and Yoruba by David Mills; illustrated by Derek Brazell. Take one little hungry girl, six different tempting foods and one shiny delicious red hot chilli. One big bite into the chilli results in a spectacular display of fireworks. Mom, dad, aunt and grandad all come to help but Lima's mouth is still too hot. Who can rescue her? Derek Brazell's artwork for this book was selected for the Best of British Illustration by the Association of Illustrators.

Product ID: 502908
Categories: Children's Books, Children's Books > Grades K~2
Supporting language: Yoruba
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
Specifications: # Reading level: Ages 4-8 # Hardcover: 24 pages # Product Dimensions: 10.4 x 8.1 x 0.2 inches # Shipping Weight: 4.2 ounces
Book Review: This is a story of Lima who, when she comes home from school, is hungry. Nothing seems to tempt her except the one thing her mother told her to avoid: the red hot chilli. When Lima takes a bite of the chilli, she feels like her mouth is on fire. Everyone in her house tries to give her something to help ease the “fireworks in her mouth”: first her mother with water, then her father with ice cream, her aunt with jelly, then her grandfather with mango. Nothing eases the pain. Finally her grandmother gives her a glass of milk, which finally helps. When her mother asks her if she's still hungry, she says she is quite full from all the remedies. This is a sweet book and easy to read. The drawings are lifelike and the expressions on the faces of the characters are delightful. When reading this story to my three-year-old daughter, she covers her mouth like she's had something hot to eat as well. Review written by Carol Holland From the August 2006 issue of Culture Connection Newsletter
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