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Life of Leonardo da Vinci

Life of Leonardo da Vinci
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A brilliant, massive portrait of Leonardo da Vinci in five parts, produced by Italian State Television and directed by acclaimed Italian filmmaker Renato Castellani. The man who painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, one of the great geniuses of history, comes alive in an exhaustive study of da Vinci and his period. Part I: 1452-1482, covers the first 30 years of da Vinci's life, the circumstances of his birth and childhood, as well as his influences. Part II: 1482-1500, covers da Vinci leaving Florence for Milan to work for Duke Ludovico Sforza, his scientific studies as well as The Last Supper. At age 50, Leonardo returns to his home in Florence. Parts IV & V: 1500-1519. While in Florence, Raphael is introduced to da Vinci, and Leonardo meets and forms a bitter rivalry with Michelangelo. In 1506, he leaves again for Milan. 4 hours total. 3 cassettes in slipcase.

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