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Life Of Leonardo Da Vinci DVD

Life Of Leonardo Da Vinci DVD
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Experience the life of Da Vince, directed by Renato Castellani, his art, his most historic triumphs, his most bitter defeats, lots more. This release presents a compelling version of the life of Leonardo Da Vinci, as well as a serious study of his work and the inventive capacity of this 15th-century genius. The film is presented in three sections--"Part 1: 1452-1482," "Parts 2 & 3: 1482-1500," and "Parts 4 & 5: 1500-1519."

Product ID: 502858
Category: Movies/Videos
Supporting language: English
Platforms/media types: DVD
Specifications: # Actors: Philippe Leroy, Giulio Bosetti, Ann Odessa, Glauco Onorato, Filippo Scelzo # Directors: Renato Castellani # Writers: Renato Castellani # Format: Color, DVD, NTSC # Language: English # Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only.)
He was the Renaissance's unfinished masterpiece: a supreme artist who completed some of the most memorable paintings the world has ever known and a brilliant thinker of modern ideas and inventions. Who was Leonardo Da Vinci, and what are the secrets behind his genius? This Italian masterpiece directed by Renato Castellani was shot using 100 actors, 500 extras, and many of the actual locations where Da Vinci lived, worked, and dreamed. We witness his most historic triumphs, including the creation of The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa, paintings that have become embedded in our collective consciousness. Based on eyewitness accounts, documentary evidence and informed speculation, this beautifully, richly photographed film adds compelling brushstrokes to the Da Vinci legend. Extra Features: * The Rise of Renaissance Italy - In the richest era of artistic and intellectual achievements ever known, an amazing confluence on brilliants shaped our today: Michelangelo, Dante, Botticelli, Rafael, Machiavelli and more. Marvel at the Renaissance Men and the impact they had on art and thought for eternity. * Leonardo's Masterpieces - Centuries after his death, Da Vinci's paintings still touch, haunt, and intrigue us. This examination of the Mona Lisa, the Adoration of the Magi, The Last Supper and other masterworks remind us of his remarkable and timeless style. * Da Vinci's Inventions - In trying to discover how the world worked, Leonardo sketched out amazing ideas that wouldn't be invented for hundreds of years. This feature looks at the early genius of his tank, parachute, scuba technology, and more. * The Maestro Vs. Michelangelo - Did the aging Maestro finally meet his match in Michelangelo, an aggressive young upstart whose name would become synonymous with Renaissance art? This feature looks at the work and contrasting styles in this bitter rivalry of the brilliant. * The Works of Two Great Masters: A Timeline