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Let's Visit Seoul

Let's Visit Seoul
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This colorful book introduces children to the many facets of Seoul, which in 1994 marked its six hundredth anniversary as the capital of Korea. With maps and guidebooks in hand, Kurt and his sister Elise tour the exciting city. They go from its ancient palaces to state-of-the-art amusement parks, traditional markets to modern shopping centers, museums and galleries to sports facilities, and more. As they explore both sides of the Han River that flows through the city, they learn much about Korean history, culture and life.

Product ID: 104567     ISBN-13: 9781565910096     ISBN-10: 1565910095
Categories: Children's Books, Culture & Tradition, History & Geography, Kids
Supporting languages: English, Korean
Applicable country: Korea (South)
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
Specifications: 32pp. 28x22cm. color illustrations. bilingual (English-Korean). hardcover.