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Let's Study Japanese

Let's Study Japanese
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"In this jet age, one can reach any part of the world within a day or two. It is wise to have some knowledge of the language of the country one visits to make the trip enjoyable and worthwhile." -THE AUTHORJun Maeda has purposely written Let's Study Japanese for the tourist visiting Japan, although the book will undoubtedly prove its worth to anyone wanting to acquire a working knowledge of spoken Japanese in short order. With approximately 350 essential words and 130 pages of practical conversational usage, this handy book provides the basics needed to converse in simple Japanese.Intended for beginners, the book concentrates only on key grammar and pronounciation points. Most of the 26 lessons include exercises that reinforce vocabulary items and grammatical structures. Phrases and sentences are recycled for long-term learning. Over 200 simple illustrations allow even beginners to express themselves. in short, Let's Study Japanese is an introduction to basic Japanese that is concise, simple, and useful from the very first page.

Product ID: 101543     ISBN-13: 9780804803625     ISBN-10: 0804803625
Category: Learn
Supporting language: Japanese
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
130 pages
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