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Languages > Hebrew > Dictionary > Childrens > Let's Learn Hebrew Picture Dictionary (Hardback)
Let's Learn Hebrew Picture Dictionary (Hardback)

Let's Learn Hebrew Picture Dictionary (Hardback)
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Let's Learn HEBREW Picture Dictionary is ideal for children beginning to learn Hebrew.

Unlike other word books for children, the Let's Learn Hebrew Picture Dictionary has been created by leading language educators with a carefully controlled vocabulary of the words most commonly taught in beginning Hebrew classes.

The dictionary consists of 30 large, colorful scenes that illustrate more than 1,550 basic words These ful-filled scenes are designed to encrourage children to spend time discovering and rediscovering each topic-focusing on the child's everyday world (the house, the family, the classroom, sports), life in the community at large (the city, the country, transportation, people in the community), and the child's world of fun and fantasy (a make-believe castle, space, the ocean, the zoo). Alongside each scene, children will find individual illustrations of the specific vocabulary in that scene. These individual illustrations are clearly defined in Hebrew in order to build vocabulary and to enable mastery of the core words. At the back of the dictionary there is a complete alphabetical index of the individually illustrated words that shows where each word can be found.

The Let's Learn HEBREW Picture Dictionary is a delightful, educationally sound picture book of more than, 1,550 words children learn in beginning Hebrew classes. Children will experience hours of enjoyment exploring the information-packed scenes while they build a foundation of basic vocabulary for their Hebrew language development.

  • More than 1,550 commonly taught words
  • Individual illustrations of core vocabulary
  • Colorful, entertaining illustrations
  • Focus on the child's world
  • Complete index of words illustrated

    Product ID: 31349     ISBN-13: 9780844284903     ISBN-10: 0844284904
    Categories: Children's Books, Dictionary, Dictionary > Childrens, Kids
    Supporting language: Hebrew
    Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
  • Date: January 31, 2003
  • Format: Hardback, 80 pages
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