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Les Bases Francais

Les Bases Francais
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This highly interactive program, ideal for intermediate language levels, enables students to reinforce grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and listening comprehension skills through a variety of exciting activities. Produced in France, this unique program offers content and an interface exclusively in French that challenge students and provides countless opportunities for learning in a stimulating format. The program requires students to put their knowledge to work to complete the tasks that are set before them and increase their overall score. In La Ville des Erreurs (The City of Errors), students identify errors within a sentence and correct them, and in Le Vaisseau des Jeux de Mots (The Ship of Word Games), students employ comprehension skills to choose the word in the sentence that is an anagram of a word that makes greater sense in its place. Le Puzzle des Mots (Word Puzzle) offers a group of random syllables to be reformulated into a series of words that fall within a specified category or theme. In Devinettes Orthographiques (Word Riddles) and Le Bon Choix (The Right Choice), students select the word that suits the given context and specifications, as they do in Les DÄfinitions SecrÅtes (Secret Definitions) with the pieces of the required words appearing as clues. Once they enter Le Ch%teau de la DictÄe (The Dictation Castle), students listen to a narration and complete the gaps in the corresponding written paragraph, and once in La Grotte des Mots Perdus (The Cave of Lost Words), they view a series of words as they flash across the screen and then use these words to complete the sentences that follow. Help is available in every section of the program.

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Supporting language: French
Platforms/media types: Mac, Windows, Windows 95/98
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