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Languages > Chinese > Music > Leehom: Heroes of Earth (1 CD + 1 DVD)
Leehom: Heroes of Earth (1 CD + 1 DVD)

Leehom: Heroes of Earth (1 CD + 1 DVD)
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Nine song CD and seven song DVD featuring singing sensation and heart throb, Wang Leehom's record breaking Heroes of Earth concert. A four-time Golden Melody Award-winning American-born singer-songwriter, Leehom is well-known in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia. One of his most notable contributions to Mandopop was the introduction of songs heavily influenced by traditional Chinese music. Since 1995, the beginning of his musical career, Wang has contributed to over 25 albums, topping nearly 15,000,000 sales. Wang has also acted in several films, including Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution". An environmental activist, his latest album "Change Me" was dedicated to raising eco-awareness among Chinese youth. Recently, Wang was listed among "The 80 Most Inspiring Asian Americans of All Time" by Goldsea Asian American Daily.

Product ID: 501906
Category: Music
Supporting language: Chinese
Platforms/media types: Audio CD, DVD