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Learn Hindi Multimedia CD-ROM

Learn Hindi Multimedia CD-ROM
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Learn Hindi Multimedia CD-ROM is based on the book Learn Hindi by Kirit N Shah. The CD-ROM is developed by Xplora Interactive, India. It contains 7 major sections, Fundamentals, Vocabulary, Grammar, Conversation in Hindi, Idioms and Proverbs, Prose and Poems and Games. The CD-ROM is a complete language learning system for novices as well as those who are already fluent with Hindi Language. Learn how to read, write, speak, translate, understand and know the Hindi Language including basics to the advanced grammar.


    This section helps you learn the basics of the Hindi Language. It teaches you the character set of Hindi, how to write them, how to read them, how to pronounce them, and how to use them in simple and complex words. The fundamentals section also teaches you the variations of different characters and their pronounciations.Fundamentals Main Screen The Main Screen has Five sections, Vowels, Consonants, Ordinals, Cardinals and Conjunct.


    "Vowels" or "consonants" gives you the relevant character set on the left side of the main screen.Take your mouse pointer to the relevant character and you and see 3D rotation of the particular character, lets you understand the characters more easily. By clicking on any character you will enter the Fundamentals teaching zone.


    Within the Consonants, besides the character setof Hindi Characters, there are buttons called Guttarals,Palatals, Cerebrals, Dentals, Labials etc. These buttons lead to a screen where you will see a skull and the exact place in our anatomy from where these sub-charactersets are spoken. For example "" is a Labial character, as Lips are used in speaking that character.


    This section teaches you the various numericals, both in ordinal and cardinal forms.


    Conjunct characters are the most advanced stage of the fundamentals. Here you will learn how different characters can be combined to generate new characters and pronounciations. The section also contains conjunct words which are generallyused in Hindi Language.


    The vocabulary section is the second level of learning Hindi Language. After one has gone through the Fundamentals, he is now ready for learning "words" . The Learn Hindi CD-ROM contains more than 2,500 words in various catagories with the correct pronunciation in audio. The vocabulary is separated in seven major catagories which include nature, home, office, edibles, religion, time and word power. These catagories are further sub-divided into more than 40 sub-catagories for easy access to required word table.


    Learn Hindi comes with an excellent and exhaustive grammar text. Learn the basic Fundamentals of the Hindi grammar to the most advanced grammatical exercises.Grammar is catagorised in various sections like nouns, verbs, adjectives etc. also certain advanced concepts like interjection are explained for users who want to have athorough knowledge of the Hindi grammar.


    Conversation in Hindi is one of the major sections of this CD-ROM. The conversation is divided into four major catagories viz. Travel, Start Ups, Around U and Health. These major catagories are sub-divided into 24 different catagories. The continuous play icon helps you to hear the Hindi Audio words one by one till the end of the catogory. For Enabling users to understand the pronunciation in a better way, Learn Hindi CDROM has conversation audio in Male and Female voices.

    Conversation also has the "A" and the Hindi "" icons. These can be clicked to toggle Hindi and English texts on the screen. For practicing the phrases and their pronunciation, one can click on the "mic" icon and repeat the audio again.

    The recording system helps you to listen to your own voice, compare it with the original native Hindi voice of the CD-ROM, and you will know where are you making mistakes and within no time you will be speaking like a native too!


    A beautiful collection of carefully selected Idioms and Proverbs which are generally used in the Hindi Language are added to Learn Hindi CD-ROM as a bonus. Of course with the audio. There are more than 120 Idioms and 50 Proverbs in this section.


    The Learn Hindi CD-ROM accompanies a game for learning with fun. Play this game after you have gone through the conversation section. The game is a simple mix 'n' match game. Where there are sentences of 4 or 5 Hindi words, which are jumbled, equivalent English sentence is given. Empty boxes are provided. Just drag the right Hindi word to the right empty box and complete the sequence.


    An extensive collection of carefully selected Prose and Poems which constitutes some of the very well known texts in Hindi Language. There are more than 30 Prose and over 40 Poems in this section. These Prose text not only gives a thorough practice for Hindi Language, but also gives an insight on some of the social issues & some Do's and Don'ts of the Indian culture. Also an essay in English is added to the section, called "An Ideal Day", this essay is meant for you to translate English into Hindi Language. Once you will carefully go through the CD-ROM, you will be translating this Essay into Hindi.

Product ID: 43255     ISBN-10: 1892322013
Categories: Learn, Software - Windows
Supporting language: Hindi
Applicable country: India
Platforms/media types: Windows 95/98, Windows NT, CD-Rom, Windows ME
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