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Languages > French > Le Lotus Bleu (French Edition) (Hardcover) Vol. 5
Le Lotus Bleu (French Edition) (Hardcover) Vol. 5

Le Lotus Bleu (French Edition) (Hardcover) Vol. 5
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Without being a real sequel to Cigars of the Pharaoh, The Blue Lotus is complementary to that book. A messenger from China coming to meet Tintin in Rawajputalah is hit by a dart dipped in Rajaijah, the poison of madness. He only has time to pronounce the word Mitsurirato. Tintin leaves to meet him and is victim of some botched attempts on his life. Being convinced to go back to India, he is taken away by Wang Chen-Yee, an old man fighting the opium trade. After a sabotage, Japan invades China and Tintin is caught in the middle of the conflict. Meanwhile, he saves the life of Chang Chong Chen, a young Chinese who befriends him. Finally he succeeds in stopping once and for all the Rastatopoulos gang, to cure Wang's son of his madness and to have Wang adopt Chang. It's with tears that Tintin leaves them for Europe.

Product ID: 109819     ISBN-13: 9782203001046
Categories: Children's Books, Kids
Supporting language: French
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
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