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Latin Verb Drills

Latin Verb Drills
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Verb conjugation is one of the major hurdles to mastering Latin. Latin Verb Drills makes surmounting that hurdle easier than ever. The ideal reference for beginning to intermediate learners, it combines the best features of a self-study manual and a workbook. Latin Verb Drills clearly and systematically explains how the Latin verb system works, while providing numerous exercises for practice of each point covered. And the unique all-drills format helps readers to focus on verbs without the distraction of other elements of Latin grammar.

Product ID: 107051     ISBN-13: 9780071453950     ISBN-10: 0071453954
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Supporting language: Latin
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The key to learning the Latin verb system

Latinís precision stems in part from its complex verb system, and if you want to learn to read and write in Latin with confidence, you will have to master Latin verb usage. But for many learners, verb conjugation is the biggest hurdle to language mastery. If that describes you, this is one book you donít want to be without.

Combining all the best features of a reference, a self-study manual, and a workbook, Latin Verb Drills includes a variety of powerful features that make mastering Latin verb conjugations easier than ever. In clear, concise terms, this book simplifies the complexities of the Latin verb system and provides you with:

  • Numerous exercises that demonstrate how the Latin verb system works
  • An answer key that provides instant clarification of any concept
  • An index that lists all verbs covered, giving you instant access to the correct forms when you need them

    Whether used as a supplement to a formal Latin course or as a self-teaching aid, Latin Verb Drills will help you quickly build the knowledge and skills you need to read and write in the language of Cicero and Caesar. Its all-drills format provides you with intensive practice in all aspects of the Latin verb system, including:

  • Regular verbs in the present, imperfect, future, perfect, and pluperfect tenses
  • The passive present and passive perfect voices
  • Deponent verbs, participles, and gerunds
  • Imperative and subjunctive moods
  • Irregular verbs
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