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Languages > Latin > Learn > Latin - The Pronunciation and Reading of Classical Latin - Audio CD's
Latin - The Pronunciation and Reading of Classical Latin - Audio CD's

Latin - The Pronunciation and Reading of Classical Latin - Audio CD's
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The Living Voice series of CD's for teachers and students features oral performances of important works in Latin by Robert Sonkowsky, Professor of Classics at the University of Minnesota and professional actor, as well as readings in classical Greek, along with introductory tapes, by Professor Stephen Daitz, Professor Emeritus of Classical Languages, City College, CUNY, editor of the series. Two CD's plus an accompanying booklet which contains demonstration texts and practical exercises on the restored pronunciation and the metrics of Latin. This program explains the pronunciation of the vowels, consonants and dipthongs of classical Latin, the principles of Latin accentuation, and presents a method of reading Latin poetry that integrates the natural word accents with the rhythm based upon syllabic quantity.

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Category: Learn
Supporting language: Latin
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter, Audio CD
Author Bio Stephen G. Daitz, Professor Emeritus of Classics, City University of New York, has taught courses in the Greek and Latin languages and literatures for many years. He has specialized in research on Greek manuscripts (The Jerusalem Palimpsest of Euripides: A Facsimile Edition, De Gruyter, Berlin), and on textual criticism (Euripides, Hecuba, Teubner, Leipzig). In recent years, turning to oral performance, he founded and edited the recording series, The Living Voice of Greek and Latin Literature
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