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Languages > Transliteration > Software - Windows > LaserTransliterator for Windows
LaserTransliterator for Windows

LaserTransliterator for Windows
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TrueTyper and Type-1 Semiticar font in plain, bold, italic, and bold-italic styles. Includes the complete character sets of 130 languages, including all Roman-based European languages. Also includes a mini-space to aid precise positioning of overstriking diacritics. Semiticar contains 49 overstrikes and follows the keyboard layout of the Timesr font for standard English punctuation marks. Keyboard Switcher (included) assists fast typing of overstrikes over any letter or symbol and in any combination, for the transliteration of most of the world's languages.
This product is not returnable or refundable for any reason. This is the publisher's policy.

Product ID: 1846
Categories: Fonts, Software - Windows, System
Supporting language: Transliteration
Platforms/media types: Windows, Windows 95/98
Specifications: The fonts install into Microsoftr Windows 95 or 3.1x and work with all Windows 95- and 3.1x-compatible applications that allow the user to select fonts from a font menu. The Type 1 fonts work with Adobe Type Managerr and Windows; they also work with OS/2r and AutoCADr r.12 and r.13. WordPerfectr for Windows users must upgrade to version 6.0a or newer. The product includes a User's Manual, keyboard layout chart(s), ANSI Tables showing every character in the font(s) and a keysticker sheet. The included Keyboard Switcher utility provides four characters per key in Windows and alternate keyboard layouts. The fonts alone (without Keyboard Switcher) work with Word 6 for DOS, WordPerfect 6.0b for DOS or newer, and AutoCAD r.12 and any other DOS application that recognizes TrueType and/or Type 1 fonts. Will print to any Windows printer at the highest quality allowed by your printer.
LaserTransliterator provides the diacritics necessary for transliteration of most of the world's languages. However, for transliteration of Indian languages, we recommend our specialized font, TransIndic Transliterator; and for transliteration of Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, and Ugaritic, we recommend our specialized font, Semitic Transliterator. For a discussion of the wide range of our products that help with transliteration, see our Transliteration page. LaserTransliterator Sample
Font Sample

These overstrikes may be placed over/under any character, in any combination.
Font Sample

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