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LaserSalish for Windows (with 5 fonts)
LaserSalish for Windows (with 5 fonts)

LaserSalish for Windows (with 5 fonts)
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LaserSalish in Unicode includes two keyboard layouts. The keyboards are phonetic, based on the US keyboard, and allow easy input of all characters and diacritics supported by the fonts.

The first keyboard layout takes advantage of the OpenType layout features built into the fonts for the most logical, intuitive input possible. Input order is letter, accent, accent. The letter with its associated diacritics is built up automatically as you type, with all diacritics perfectly spaced. The included keyboard chart shows which keystrokes the user must type.

The second keyboard layout works with any Unicode-compatible application and uses dead key input to type letters with their associated diacritics. The user first types the dead key (representing the accent) and nothing appears to happen on screen. Then the user types the letter and the accented letter appears in the file.

Product ID: 505192
Categories: Fonts, System
Supporting languages: Clallam, Coeur d'Alene, Columbian, Comox, Flathead, Halkomelem, Hul'qumi'num', Kalispel, Lillooet, Lower Chehalis, Lushootseed, Nooksack, Northern Straits, Okanagan, Pentlach, Quinalt, Seshelt, Shuswap, Squamish, Thompson, Tillamook, Twana, Upper Chehalis
Platforms/media types: Windows
Specifications: Windows System Requirements:

Operating Systems Requires Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP. Applications Requires any Unicode-compatible application, such as Microsoft Office. The free office suites called OpenOffice and LibreOffice are compatible. InDesign and QuarkXPress 7 and newer are compatible. bulletTo use the SalishLSU OT (OpenType) keyboard input method (letter, accent, accent) requires an OpenType-compatible application (that is, Unicode-compatible and OpenType-aware). The only applications known to support this input method are Word 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003, plus OpenOffice 3.2 and newer, and LibreOffice 3.3 and newer. Other OpenType-compatible applications may also support this input method. Any Unicode-compatible application that does not support this input method will be fully supported by the alternate SalishLSU DK (dead key) keyboard, using dead key input. See above for descriptions of these input methods. Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and earlier are not compatible with LaserSalishU fonts. All text is changed to the Arial font, whether typed with the keyboard, input using Insert Symbol, or pasted from Word using the Windows clipboard. Users should type their text in Word or another Unicode-compatible application, and save the text as a graphic for import into PowerPoint. Users can also use WordArt to create their text. To do this in PowerPoint go to Insert, Picture, WordArt, and type your text, formatting it as desired. Alternatively, users can type directly into PowerPoint using our non-Unicode LaserSalish fonts. PowerPoint 2007 and newer should be compatible with LaserSalishU fonts, but have not been tested. Notes Compatibility: These fonts are compatible with the Macintosh version of LaserSalish in Unicode. No conversion of files is necessary when transferring files to a Mac if your applications are fully Unicode-aware and compatible fonts are installed on both systems. If you use the OpenType input method your Mac colleague must be using compatible software. Otherwise, both of you should use the dead key input method. Printer: The fonts will print to any Windows printer at the highest quality allowed by your printer. Documentation: All documentation, including a User's Manual and Keyboard Layout Charts (showing placement of the characters on the keys), is in Adobe Acrobat™ PDF format, and is installed into the Windows Start menu for easy access. Users may view the documentation on screen or print it, using Acrobat Reader, available free online if you do not already have it. Some documentation is in Word (.doc and .rtf) format. Converting files from LaserSalish to LaserSalishU: The LaserSalish Converter is available to convert LaserSalish (ASCII-encoded) text in Word documents to the LaserSalishU fonts.
Fonts included are: Times-style fonts in plain, bold, italic, and bold-italic, but also Palatino-style, Garamond-style, Helvetica-style, and Zapf Chancery-style fonts.
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