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Languages > Pashto > Fonts > LaserPashto, English System, for Macintosh

LaserPashto, English System, for Macintosh
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Four Type 1 and TrueType Pashto fonts with four corresponding Arabic, Persian (Farsi and Dari) fonts for use in all standard Macintosh applications. Uses standard Arabic keyboard arrangement. Type as if right to left and allow the Transcribe program (included) to reverse the lines for you. EuroScript Scripting System allows automatic contextualization of characters. Together with Linguist's LaserPashto, Nisus Writer can do right to left text and Pashto line wrap without having to install the resources from the standard Apple Arabic Language Kit. Includes a micro-space key for minute adjustment. (Nisus Writer is required for typing "as if right to left" feature.)

Product ID: 502668
Category: Fonts
Supporting language: Pashto
Platforms/media types: Mac
Specifications: The fonts alone work in Mac OS X but must be typed from left to right. In Macintosh System 7.1-9.x or in Classic mode running under OS X text can be entered from right to left using Nisus Writer (but not Nisus Writer Express). Text entered this way can then be exported for use in Mac OS X.
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