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Product Types > Software - Windows > LaserLakota for Windows (3 fonts available)
LaserLakota for Windows (3 fonts available)

LaserLakota for Windows (3 fonts available)
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fessional-quality, hinted, scalable TrueType« and Type 1 fonts containing the entire character set for the following Siouan languages: Assinaboin, Dakota, Lakota, Nakota, Omaha, and Stony, plus English, French, German, and Spanish.

Note: It includes an additional font for $50.
This product is not returnable or refundable for any reason. This is the publisher's policy.

Product ID: 1233
Categories: Fonts, Software - Windows, System
Supporting languages: Assinaboin, Dakota (Sioux, Lakota), Lakota, Nakota, Omaha, Stony
Platforms/media types: Windows, Windows 95/98
Specifications: The fonts install into Microsoft« Windows 95 or 3.1x and work with all Windows 95- and 3.1x-compatible applications that allow the user to select fonts from a font menu. The Type 1 fonts work with Adobe Type Manager« and Windows; they also work with OS/2« and AutoCAD« r.12 and r.13. WordPerfect« for Windows users must upgrade to version 6.0a or newer. The product includes a User's Manual, keyboard layout chart(s), ANSI Tables showing every character in the font(s) and a keysticker sheet. The included Keyboard Switcher utility provides four characters per key in Windows and alternate keyboard layouts. The fonts alone (without Keyboard Switcher) work with Word 6 for DOS, WordPerfect 6.0b for DOS or newer, and AutoCAD r.12 and any other DOS application that recognizes TrueType and/or Type 1 fonts. Will print to any Windows printer at the highest quality allowed by your printer.
LaserLakota Samples:
LaserLakota (Times-style)
Font Sample

Font Sample

Font Sample

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