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LaserHieroglyphics for Macintosh
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LaserHieroglyphics for Macintosh

Summary: LaserHieroglyphics provides over 1000 characters with both left- and right-facing glyphs in 16 TrueType and Type 1 fonts designed for Egyptologists and students of hieroglyphics. The fonts contain all the signs in Gardiner's Egyptian Grammar3 with many additions, all with both left- and right-facing glyphs. They are designed after the standard sign list of Gardiner and contain 234 overstrike keys for composite hieroglyphs. Also included is a Times-style DiacriticsLS font for transliteration. Included are eight "lacuna" keys for showing erasures (six with overstriking capability). The character keystroke charts follow Gardiner's order and a keyboard layout chart is included for the DiacriticsLS font. Now you can type papers with hieroglyphics included without having to leave spaces for later insertion!

The fonts work with any Macintosh using System 6.0.7 or newer, and with any Macintosh application that allows the user to select fonts from a font menu. The fonts come with polished screen bitmaps in 21 and 42point sizes, and will work with any Macintosh printer. (The Type 1 fonts require a PostScriptr printer or Adobe Type Manager, or the bitmaps will be printed.) The product includes a User's Manual and a keyboard layout chart. Note: Our older bitmap version for Macintosh only, MacHieroglyphics, is still available. LaserHieroglyphics, because it contains scalable fonts, is recommended over MacHieroglyphics, which will produce "jaggies" when scaled to point sizes different from the included polished bitmaps.

This product is not returnable or refundable for any reason. This is the publisher's policy.

Product ID: 42706
Categories: Fonts, Software - Mac, System
Supporting language: Hieroglyphics
Platforms/media types: Mac, CD-Rom
Specifications: Any Macintosh using System 6.0.7 or newer
Some of the more than 1000 hieroglyphs in the 8 left-facing fonts in the product. All glyphs are duplicated in right-facing forms in an additional 8 fonts.
LaserHieroglyphics for Macintosh

LaserHieroglyphics for Macintosh

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