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Languages > Cherokee > Software - Mac > LaserCherokee for Mac
LaserCherokee for Mac

LaserCherokee for Mac
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TrueType and ATM-compatible Type 1 hinted Cherokee fonts with 12, 14, 18, and 24 point polished bitmap fonts. Includes keyboard driver with convenient syllabic phonetic input. The font also includes Times-style English characters. Simply choose the Cherokee font from the font menu and select the Cherokee keyboard layout. Switch instantly between English and Cherokee by pressing the caps lock key. Logical, syllabary-style input allows the user to type the phonetic English syllabary to produce the characters.

Product ID: 142
Categories: Fonts, Software - Mac, System
Supporting language: Cherokee
Platforms/media types: Mac
Specifications: Mac SE-30 or newer, System 6.0.7 or newer. Specify System 6 or System 7.
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