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LaserAkkadian for Mac

LaserAkkadian for Mac
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Convenient glossary input systems by Rykle Borger's pronunciation or sign number plus the complete set of neo-Assyrian standard form Akkadian signs in 12 and 24 point polished bitmap fonts. MacAkkadian contains all the basic Akkadian signs listed in Ren_ Labat's Manuel d'_pigraphie akkadienne (Florence: Malbran-Labat, 5th edition etc. 1976 etc.) and Borger's "Assyrisch-babylonische Zeichenliste" (AOAT 33, 1978, 1981 etc.). It contains more than 770 signs in six fonts, and includes significantly oversized cross shaped signs. The 12 and 24 point fonts together take up 346K. MacAkkadian features two alternate Glossary input systems coordinated with the six Akkadian fonts for use in Microsoft Word which allows the signs to be typed without changing fonts. The first glossary is a Code List arranged according to numbers (i.e. sign forms), the second glossary is a Code List by alphabetically arranged sounds (i.e. so-called sign names). The Akkadian fonts also include in the normal positions of the keyboard the standard Akkadian transliteration symbols. Thus, access codes are easily typed and seen in proper transliterated form without leaving the Akkadian fonts. Seven erasure symbols (a faded block) are included. Besides the full erasure symbol are overstrike keys designating erasure of the following portions of signs: front, rear, upper front, lower front, upper rear, and lower rear erasure. The reconstructed portions of the erasures are legible underneath the erasure symbol overstrikes. Includes the complete list of input key positions either by font or by Glossary input codes.
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Categories: Fonts, Software - Mac, System
Supporting language: Akkadian
Platforms/media types: Mac
LaserAkkadian Sample
Samples of Akkadian text from Hammurabi's Law Code:

Law 1:

Font Sample

Law 2:
Font Sample

The included erasure symbols (the faded blocks). Notice how the reconstructed portions of the erasures are legible underneath the erasure symbol overstrikes:
Font Sample

The included standard Akkadian transliteration symbols:
Font Sample

Akkadian crosses:
Font Sample

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