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Language Teacher on Palm OS for English <> Farsi
Language Teacher on Palm OS for English <> Farsi

Language Teacher on Palm OS for English <> Farsi
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This clever dictionary translates both ways plus it yields English speech synthesis. Once installed on your device it will allow your Palm to speak English word and phrases - not limited to dictionary entries! Searching is made easy with Quick Search, Vector Ultima spell-checker and our signature MorphoFinder functions. Each dictionary entry is complete with part of speech information and multiple translations for all polysemantic words. This application is made to meet the highest expectations of quality and user-friendliness. It has enhanced fonts, spell-checker interface, documentation, and the installation wizard. To save some hassle for users of certain Palm devices, we have made the application to be executable from the Internal Card. Also, the database file can be placed on either the Internal or External Card. A new keyboard is now built-in to facilitate easier typing, and high resolution support makes for superior readability. Screen rotation is supported as well. Efficient and effective, this dictionary is enjoyable at the same time! Application features: * High resolution support * Improved keyboards for both languages * Tungsten T5 support * Switching between languages is easy: simply tap the pop-up trigger in the upper right corner and the direction of translation will change Dictionary features: * Advanced English speech synthesis. The function is built on the TTS (Text-to-Speech) technology. * Enhanced linguistic database * MorphoFinder function helps you find source words (headwords) for English past participles, gerunds, plural forms, and adjective forms * Spell-checker Vector Ultima allows you to enter words as you hear them and choose a spelling from the list of suggestions. * Spellchecker for both languages * Entries complete with part of speech information and multiple word translations

Product ID: 108735
Categories: Dictionary, Translation
Supporting languages: Farsi (Persian), Persian (Farsi)
Platforms/media types: Palm OS
Specifications: Version: 4.1.24 Vocabulary size: 400,000 (words/phrases) Palm OS 4.x or 5.x RAM 2MB (1MB free)
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