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Languages > English > ESL Lessons > Language Solution 15 Audio CD ESL Course for Spanish Speakers
Language Solution 15 Audio CD ESL Course for Spanish Speakers

Language Solution 15 Audio CD ESL Course for Spanish Speakers
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TLS 15 Audio CD ESL program for Spanish speaking students - Level One. This unique approach was originally developed as a Distance Learning Program for Brazilian students with the support of the University of Rio de Janeiro, newspapers and broadcast media. It consists of a full color workbook and a series of 15 individually packed audio CDs. It was so successful that 200.000 students from 12 states participated. An exit survey among the students showed over 90% rated the course as excellent. This new version for Spanish speaking students includes a “virtual teacher” that follows students on a day-by-day basis explaining in Spanish what they must do, when they must do it, why it is important and how they will benefit. In pilot projects implemented in schools and Public Libraries in the United States we have learned that if students are allowed to take these materials home parents are able to, probably for the first time, help their children and themselves to quickly learn English. Some educators have mentioned that it is like sending a tutor to each student’s home every evening. When used in conjunction with the TLS interactive software, workbooks and audio components the results are compelling and significant progress can be measured in a short period of time.

Personal Full Set: Binder with Color Book One + 15 Audio CDs for Spanish speakers.
ESL Color Workbook: Individual ESL Color Workbook Level 1 for Spanish speakers $28
ESL 15 Audio CD set: Audio CD Sets Level 1 in 15 individual cases. (No booklets) $198

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