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Languages > Spanish > Language Learning English for Spanish Speaking People (Ingles)
Language Learning English for Spanish Speaking People (Ingles)

Language Learning English for Spanish Speaking People (Ingles)
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This CD is designed for those learners of English as a second language whose native tongue is Spanish. It contains over 3000 words, phrases and conversations with real voice recording, making it the best value in interactive language learning software. It is equally suitable for students, businessmen, or tourists, for directed or individual study.

The program covers useful topics like greetings, shopping, transportation, asking directions etc. In addition to an enormous vocabulary, you will also learn about phonics, grammar, and usage.

When you point your mouse at a word or phrase, the program automatically shows you the English translation. To listen to the translation, simply click on the word or phrase you wish to hear. The record/playback technology enables you to record your own voice onto the computer and allows you to compare your pronunciation with the recorded voice of a native English speaker.

Product ID: 31485     UPC: 714269009109
Categories: Classroom/Schools, ESL Lessons, Learn
Supporting languages: English, Spanish
Platforms/media types: CD-Rom
Specifications: This is a PC Version CD-ROM. For MS Windows: A multimedia PC running Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0; 16 MB of RAM (32 MB recommended), a color monitor and a CD-ROM drive.
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