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Languages > Chinese > Language-30 Chinese (Mandarin) Audio CD
Language-30 Chinese (Mandarin) Audio CD

Language-30 Chinese (Mandarin) Audio CD
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You can learn anytime, anywhere... in your car... while exercising... whenever!

Easy to use, proven effective method: First the English phrase is spoken; then the target language phrase is spoken twice for maximum learning; followed by a pause for student response. Only native voices with authentic pronunciation are recorded.

Use the pocket-size Phrase Book with the CDs or Cassettes; or separately, as a handy reference guide while traveling. The Phrase Book includes:

Introduction by Charles Berlitz, world-famous linguist (Except Yiddish and Latin courses)

  • Separate Grammar Section
  • Pronunciation Guide
  • Updated Social Customs
  • Vocabulary Index
  • Phonetic Pronunciation Columns and Foreign Scripts

    Product ID: 100075     ISBN-13: 9781931850018     ISBN-10: 1931850011
    Categories: Classroom/Schools, Classroom/Teaching Materials, Learn
    Supporting languages: Chinese, Mandarin - See Chinese
    Platforms/media types: Audio CD
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