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Languages > Spanish > La Magia de la Sal y el Limón

La Magia de la Sal y el Limón
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By Patty Moosbrugger An indespensible guide to saving time and money with two ingredients found right in the kitchen! From laundry and kitchen cleaning to beauty and first aid, lemon and salt provide inexpensive, environmentally safe, and convenient alternatives to harsh, chemical-laden products. La Magia de la Sal y el Limón explains hundreds of ways to use salt and lemon everyday, including how to: Remove coffee, tea, and wine stains Soften new jeans Make age spots disappear Deflea your dog Reduce fevers Make your own hairspray La Magia de la Sal y el Limón also features a fascinating overview of lemon and salt in history, a compilation of recipes for sauces, salads, enticing entrees, desserts, and more, and even sound advice on how to choose the best lemons and find the best salt. Only a real sourpuss would fail to get a kick out of discovering the many ways to make the most of the lemons and salt sitting in the kitchen right now.

Product ID: 107695
Categories: Cooking/Eating, Reference
Supporting language: Spanish
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
paperback, 300 pages