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Korean Visio 2000 Standard

Korean Visio 2000 Standard
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Visio 2000 Standard Edition enables business professionals to visualize and communicate information in a more concise and powerful way, regardless of their drawing abilities. From complex drawings to simple diagrams, Visio 2000 Standard Edition allows users to create and work with substantially larger drawings containing thousands of SmartShapes® symbols much more quickly than before. In addition, new drawing and navigation enhancements provide users with a more intuitive and streamlined way to draw and diagram.

Product ID: 100318
Categories: Graphics/Drawing, Software - Windows
Supporting language: Korean
Platforms/media types: Localized Windows
Specifications: Korean Windows
Visual browsing of drawing types. A startup window lists all recent files and templates, while a graphical browser guides users to the correct drawing type for their needs. Stencil tips. Helps users select and use the correct shapes for their task. Faster flowcharts. Point-and-click layouts, automatic shape alignment, color schemes and interactive drawing feedback make creating powerful visual communications faster and easier. Instant organization charts. A wizard automatically creates organization charts from information stored in databases such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Excel and Access, offering a time-saving alternative to the process of dragging, dropping, connecting and arranging shapes. Smarter timelines. Quickly create timelines, Gantt charts and calendars with drag-and-drop functionality. New timeline milestones automatically place themselves on the date specified, simplifying the communication of complex timelines and schedules. Anchored windows. Provide immediate access to custom properties data, size and position details, pan and zoom controls and a drawing explorer for browsing the content of a drawing in a hierarchical format elevating powerful features to users' fingertips. Internet-enabled. Instantly publish business diagrams in a variety of Web-ready formats such as HTML, GIF, JPG or VML. Embed multiple hyperlinks to relevant external information and take advantage of built-in links to Visio drawing resources, support and training on the Internet. Streamlined work environment. Work more efficiently with real-time editing feedback, pop-up shape tips, nudge tools, automatic layout with the dynamic grid, toolbars users can personalize and automatic shape numbering. Easily navigate even the largest documents with less time and effort. Single-click formatting. Enhance the visual impact of diagrams with a professional look by choosing from an expanded palette of color schemes, backgrounds, styles and borders that can be added with a single click.
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