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Kids - Science for Kids

Kids - Science for Kids
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Kids - Science for Kids is an interactive learning CD for kids!
The "Magic Mirror" section of the program teaches you all about nature. Learn about light, springs, electricity, water, magnetic forces, gravity and air.
In "Simple Machines," kids can build their creative-thinking skills as they learn how to assemble machines by putting the parts together on a diagram. After they complete the project an animation will show them how the machine works!

Product ID: 872     UPC: 798936800039
Categories: Kids, Learn, Software - Mac, Software - Windows
Supporting language: English
Platforms/media types: Mac, Windows, CD-Rom
  • PC 386 or higher.
  • Requires 16MB RAM.
  • 20 MB Hard Disk per Language Pair.
  • Novell Netware Compatible.
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