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Languages > English > Literature > Khushwant Singh on Women, Love & Lust
Khushwant Singh on Women, Love & Lust

Khushwant Singh on Women, Love & Lust
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  • Women's lib
  • Women Demand Their Birthright
  • Shrimati India
  • The Female Breast
  • When Can a Girl say Yes?
  • Female Porn
  • Thoughts on Marriage
  • When a Woman bares her Soul
  • Eyes
  • Confusions about Marriage
  • Men, Women, Sex and Marriage
  • The Beggar Maid


  • Nature and Sex in the Classics
  • Dirty Monsoon Musings
  • Libber at a Loss
  • Obscenity, Pornography, Erotica
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Our Own Virginity on Trial
  • The Right to go Nude
  • My Experiments with My Body
  • Acharya Rajneesh and Sex
  • Lying About Sex
  • Kama to Rama
  • ]Black-out into Ecstasy
  • Whoring and the Law
  • The Male Venom
  • No Sex, We are Indians
  • Sex in Indian Life


  • On Love, Lust and Four-Letter Words
  • Oodles of Love
  • Lover's Revenge
  • What is Love?
  • Outraged Correspondence
  • Love is Dead
  • Love and Lust in Germany
  • Love and Lust
  • On Loving Doctors
  • Love and Matrimony
  • The Language of Love I
  • The Language of Love II
  • Lover's Day
  • Talking of Love
  • Love is Dumb
  • Celibacy, Chastity and Love
  • The Divine Lover
  • The Many Faces of Krishna
  • The Art of Love Making
  • Loved

    If you are looking for answers to eternal questions like which came first - love or lust - or debates pertaining to celibacy, chastity or arranged marriages, Khushwant Singh delivers his expose on such intimate matters within the pages of this volume.

    Whether he is analyzing the fine diving line between obscenity, pornography and erotica, his description of sex from 'Chaturbhani' (200-350 BC) or describing his ideas of a composite Indian woman, Khushwant holds the reader's attention effortlessly. But that isn't all. Years before terms such as 'gender issues' or 'gender-divide' came into use, he spoke of them and recorded his thoughts. His deliberations reveal an unexpected side to Khushwant - in these pages, you'll find Khushwant, the feminist.

    The book abounds with Indian as well as foreign myths, legends, proverbs and poems ranging from Chaucer, Shakespeare, Whitman to Kalidas, Iqbal and Faiz. There are delectable quotes from Russell to Wodehouse. And almost each page offers you special anecdotes, which could somehow come from Khushwant alone. Only he could share with you his intense experience of nudo-phobia suffered in Sweden, his acute observation of Indian whoremongers once they are abroad, scandals among amongst the literati and glitterati - H G Wells as a compulsive fornicator or George Simenon hammering away at his typewriter (and his women) as a routine at the age of 80 are only a few revelations.

    Then his carnal curiosity gives way to more serious notes. He talks about Beatrice Faust's analysis of the female approach to pornography, Shulamith Firestone's philosophy of women's liberation, Sudhir Kakar's exploration of Indian sexuality. Further, highlights such as Khushwant's well-researched etymology of love related lexicon has much to teach including facts like how something as banal as bran works as the ultimate aphrodisiac.

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    About the Author

    Khushwant Singh was born in 1915 in Hadali, Punjab. He was educated at Government College, Lahore, and at King's College and the Inner Temple in London. He practiced at the Lahore High Court for several years before joining the Indian Ministry of External Affairs in 19477. He was sent on diplomatic postings to Canada and London and later went to Paris with UNESCO.

    He began a distinguished career as a journalist with All India Radio in 1951. Since then he has been founder-editor of Yojna, editor of the Illustrated Weekly of India, editor of the National Herald, and the editor of The Hindustan Times. Today he is India's best known columnist and journalist.

    Khushwant Singh has also had an extremely successful career as a writer. Among the works published are classic two-volume history of the Sikhs, several novels - including Train to Pakistan, which won the Grove Press Award for the best work of fiction in 1954, I Shall Not Hear the Nightingale and Delhi - and a number of translated works and non-fiction books on Delhi, nature, and current affairs. His latest novel, The Company of Women, has since been released.

    Khushwant Singh was a Member of Parliament from 1980 to 1986. Among other honors he was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1974 by the President of India. He returned this decoration in 1984 in protest against the Union Government's siege of the Golden Temple, Amritsar.