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Khajuraho - The Art of Love

Khajuraho - The Art of Love
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A beautifully illustrated book giving the history of Khajuraho temples and the Various legends connected with them.

The medieval centuries saw some of the greatest and finest temple building activity in India. Though there are elements of similarity between them in different parts of the country, the temples of khajuraho are one of the most refined and finished manifestations of Indian Architecture in the Indo-Aryan style.

Designed by Yogesh Gajwani and Suraksha Gajwani, this beautifully illustrated book gives the history of Khajuraho temples and the various legends connected with them. Detailed account of the building material , style of the sculpture together with vivid details of presiding deities, philosophy behind erotic sculpture make this book an interesting reading.

Product ID: 46280     ISBN-10: 8172340214
Categories: Architecture, Art
Supporting language: English
Applicable country: India
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
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