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Languages > Indonesian > Keyboard Stickers > Keyboard Stickers for English Transparent (US Standard) Blue Letters
Keyboard Stickers for English Transparent (US Standard) Blue Letters

Keyboard Stickers for English Transparent (US Standard) Blue Letters
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The US Standard language keytop overlays are available in blue letters on clear stickers (for standard keyboards) or white letters on clear stickers (for black keyboards and laptops). The overlay set includes the stickers necessary to create the US Standard keyboard layout according to the Microsoft code page standard shown below. This keyboard overlay layout supports Windows XP keyboard layouts for the following languages: Afrikaans Indonesian Swahili Australia (English) Jamaica (English) Trinidad (English) Belieze (English) Malay (Brunei Darussalam) United States (English) Canada (English) New Zealand (English) Uzbek (Latin) Caribbean (English) Philippines (English) Zimbabwe (English) Chinese (Macau SAR) South Africa (English)

Product ID: 104856
Category: Keyboard Stickers
Supporting languages: Afrikaans, English, English (Australian), Indonesian, Malay, Swahili, Uzbek
Platforms/media types: Hardware/Misc.
Specifications: Overlays are manufactured of durable LexanŽ.They won't tear, crack, discolor, or slip off even after years of use. The Overlay adhesive firmly attaches the overlay in place without damaging the keyboard key or the original key legend. The adhesive will not ooze, harden or wear out. If desired, Overlays may be removed without causing damage to the original key or the legend on the key. All printing is on the reverse side of the overlay (i.e., underneath) so that the printing will not rub or scratch off in normal use. Many overlays are printed on clear LexanŽ so that the original key legend shows through.
Keyboard Stickers for English Transparent (US Standard) Blue Letters

US International Blue Overlays (blue ink on clear overlay for standard keyboards) US International White Overlays (white ink on clear overlay for laptops and black keyboards) To configure Windows XP to work with these overlays, go to the Regional settings in the Windows Control Panel. For the Input Language, select English (United States). For the Keyboard Layout/IME, select United States-International. Our Web site includes instructions on how to configure Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, or Windows XP for an international language and keyboard. If you encounter difficulties in installing a new keyboard layout, consult the Microsoft Web site or contact their technical support.
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