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Languages > Cree > Keyboard Stickers > Keyboard Stickers for Cree (Green Letters)
Keyboard Stickers for Cree (Green Letters)

Keyboard Stickers for Cree (Green Letters)
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The Cree language keytop stickers are available in green (some keys are printed in red letters) on clear stickers. The stickers are printed on clear LexanŽ so the original key legend shows through; this allows you to add Cree stickers to your existing keyboard so that it becomes a bilingual keyboard (Cree) and the original language of your keyboard).

Windows does not provide any keyboard or font support for the Cree language. You will have to provide the keyboard layout and fonts needed type in Cree in Windows.

Cree stickers are a very economical option for creating a bilingual Cree keyboard. The language stickers use an easy peel-and-stick method to install. They will not ooze adhesive, dry out, or damage the original keyboard key. The letters are printed on the underside of the Cree stickers so that the lettering will not wear out. This affords you with many years of durable use.

Product ID: 105034
Category: Keyboard Stickers
Supporting language: Cree
Platforms/media types: Hardware/Misc.
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